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Sermons: Listen Again
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by Steve Jones | Thursday 24th February, 2011

If you missed a service and want to hear the sermon, or if  you just want to listen again, click on the subject link in the table below.

WhenWhereWhoWhat (Click To Download)
7 July, 2019Worship ServiceJohn FooteThe Road To Emmaus.mp3
7 July, 2019Family ServiceMatt LewisContagious Tabitha.mp3
30 June, 2019Worship ServiceTrystan FooteLetter To Laodicea.mp3
30 June, 2019Family ServiceMatt LewisContagious Testimony.mp3
30 June, 2019Family ServiceJulie WhitchurchBaptism Testimony.mp3
23 June, 2019Worship ServiceKevin WelchLetter To Philadelphia.mp3
23 June, 2019Family ServiceMatt LewisInvitiational.mp3
16 June, 2019Family ServiceMatt LewisContagious Intellectual.mp3
16 June, 2019Communion ServiceJeff LaceyRevelation 3 Sardis.mp3
9 June, 2019Communion ServiceH. KeiserRevelation 2 Thyatira.mp3
26 May, 2019Family ServiceM. LewisContagious Make disciples.mp3
26 May, 2019Communion ServiceD. ReedRevelation 2 Smyrna.mp3
19 May, 2019Worship ServiceP. BrindRevelation 2.mp3
12 May, 2019Family ServiceR. GuttesenJust Jesus.mp3
12 May, 2019Communion ServiceM. LonneyRevelation 1.mp3
5 May, 2019Fellowship WeekendP. BrindSession 4 Proverbs 30 to 31.mp3
5 May, 2019Fellowship WeekendP. BrindSession 3 Proverbs 16 to 18.mp3
4 May, 2019Fellowship WeekendP. BrindSession 2 Proverbs 10 to 22.mp3
4 May, 2019Fellowship WeekendP. BrindSession 1 Proverbs 1 to 9.mp3
28 April, 2019Family ServiceM. MillerBe Faithful In Prayer.mp3
28 April, 2019Communion ServiceM. GuyLuke 9.mp3
7 April, 2019Worship ServiceH. KeiserExodus 37 39.mp3
7 April, 2019Family ServiceM. LewisBe Content.mp3
31 March, 2019Worship ServiceR. DavisExodus 35 36.mp3
31 March, 2019Family ServiceR. NewberryBe Kind.mp3
24 March, 2019Family ServiceM. LewisBe Ready.mp3
17 March, 2019Family ServiceR. FooteOceans.mp3
17 March, 2019Family ServiceJ. LaceyBe Still.mp3
17 March, 2019Communion ServiceM. GuyExodus 33.mp3
10 March, 2019Family ServiceM. MillerBe Patient.mp3
10 March, 2019Evening ServiceP. BrindExodus 32.mp3
24 February, 2019Worship ServiveJakeCapernwray testimony.mp3
24 February, 2019Family ServiveM. LewisBe Baptised.mp3
17 February, 2019Worship ServiceR. MorseExodus 29.mp3
17 February, 2019Family ServiveM. LonneyBe Merciful.mp3
10 February, 2019Worship ServiceJ. FooteExodus 25.mp3
10 February, 2019Family ServiceM. LonneyBe Holy.mp3
2 February, 2019Family ServiceM. LewisBe Devoted.mp3
20 January, 2019Family ServiceJ. DaviesBe Transformed.mp3
20 January, 2019Communion ServiceR. DaviesExodus 20.mp3
6 January, 2019Family ServiceM. LewisBe Faithful.mp3
31 December, 2018Watchnight Service.mp3
23 December, 2018Communion ServiceM. LonneyWorship Fully.mp3
23 December, 2018Candlelit ServiceM. Lewispart 2.mp3
23 December, 2018Candlelit ServiceM. Lewispart 1.mp3
16 December, 2018Worship ServiceM. LonneyEphesians 3.mp3
16 December, 2018Family ServiveM. AdamsHope.mp3
9 December, 2018Family ServiceM. LonneyJudas the Materialist
9 December, 2018Evening ServiceE. PiciThe Zeal of God.mp3
2 December, 2018Family ServiceK. WilhiteJohn The Passionate.mp3
2 December, 2018Communion ServiceP. BrintExodus 19.mp3
25 November, 2018Family ServiceM. LewisNathanael The Good Guy.mp3
25 November, 2018Communion ServiceP. YoungExodus 18.mp3
25 November, 2018Communion ServiceP. BrintExodus 18.mp3
18 November, 2018Family ServiceM. MillerJames the ordinary.mp3
18 November, 2018Communion ServiceM. LewisExodus 15 to 17.mp3
11 November, 2018Communion ServiceM. LewisWhy Song.mp3
4 November, 2018Family ServiceR. MorseJude The Realist.mp3
4 November, 2018 Communion ServiceM. LewisExodus Chapter 13 Verse 17 31 To Chapter 14.mp3
28 October, 2018Family ServiceR. FooteMid Slot Challenge.mp3
28 October, 2018Family ServiceM. LewisThomas The Pessimist.mp3
28 October, 2018Communion ServiceP. BrindExodus Chapter 12 Verse 29 To Chapter 13 Verse 16.mp3
23 October, 2018Prayer MeetingB. ThompsonSummmer Report.mp3
21 October, 2018Family ServiceM. GrahamPhillip The Practical.mp3
21 October, 2018Family ServiceHuman PuppetMaking Your Own Mind Up About Jesus.mp3
21 October, 2018Family ServiceH. HubbardDedication.mp3
21 October, 2018Family ServiceE. DaviesDedication.mp3
21 October, 2018Family ServiceA. DaviesTestimony Of God's Goodness.mp3
21 October, 2018Communion ServiceM. LonneyExodus Chapter 11.mp3
14 October, 2018Family ServiveM. LonneyThe 12 Deciples
14 October, 2018Communion ServiceE. PiciExodus 7 10.mp3