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Worship Service: Listen Again
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If you missed the worship service and want to hear the sermon, or if  you just want to listen again, click on the subject link in the table below.

WhenWhereWhoWhat (Click To Download)
2 September, 2018Worship ServiceE. PiciExodus 1.mp3
8 July, 2018Worship ServiceMatt LewisJohn 20.mp3
1 July, 2018Worship ServiceMatt LewisJohn 17.mp3
3 June, 2018Worship ServicePeter BrindJohn 16 v17 33.mp3
27 May, 2018Worship ServiceBob DavisThe Holy Spirit.mp3
13 May, 2018Worship ServiceE. PiciThe Vine And The Branches.mp3
22 April, 2018Worship ServiceMatt LewisJohn 13 part 2.mp3
8 April, 2018Worship ServiceBob DaviesJohn 12 .mp3
1 April, 2018Worship ServiceMatt GuyEaster Sunday.mp3
25 March, 2018Worship ServiceMatt LewisJohn 11.mp3
11 March, 2018Worship ServiceClive CornishJohn 9.mp3
25 February, 2018Worship ServiceTom HaddockJohn 11.mp3
18 February, 2018Worship ServiceClive CornishJohn 7.mp3
28 January, 2018Worship ServiceMark LonneyJohn 4.mp3
17 December, 2017Worship ServiceBob DaviesM and S Christmas.mp3