KidZone - 6pm Sunday

KidZone is a children's work which takes place from 6pm to 7:30pm on Sundays, at the same time as our Worship and Communion Service, and has two main aims:

  • To provide for our children; an opportunity to nurture friendships, an environment of support, a time to share and have fun and a place to develop their personal walk with God.

  • To provide an opportunity for parents to attend the worship and communion service together.

There are no firm age limits, and we regularly have around twenty children aged from babies to teenagers who are playing and learning about Jesus together. The programme varies each week, but usually includes some games, singing, a light snack, a quiet time and a craft activity. It's a real joy to see older ones helping younger ones to learn and play together, build their faith and create strong friendship groups that impact their lives for years to come.

If you are parent or caregiver attending the Worship Service, please do send your children along to join us. Note that your child must have a responsible adult in the building. 


If you'd like to be involved helping out in a KidZone team, do let Siân Jones know, and we'll make sure you get the chance to join us as we build relationships with these precious young lives.

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